Our Staff

Our Staff


Donna Mack –  Lead Teacher and Director

Donna came on board at Parzival Shield in 2001 as the director and lead teacher. Over the course of the last thirteen years she has served in every role – from assistant teacher to administrator, and so understands the workings of the school at every level. She is currently the director as well as lead teacher in the classroom.

In 1985, while pursuing a degree in psychology in Northern California, she became captivated by Waldorf education and immersed herself in its study. After accumulating many clock hours through workshops, seminars, lectures, etc., she realized this work was a life calling. She moved to Denver in 1991 and became an assistant teacher at the Denver Waldorf School where she remained for nine years, refining her capacities and deepening her realization of the importance of this education. During those years, her three children attended DWS and she was able to experience the parental side of being in the school. Raising children in this context has been the joy of her life.

In 2001, she completed her certification in Early Childhood Education and came to Parzival Shield where she continues to study, learn and grow in the lively, joyous world of the kindergarten.

Edie #2Edie Nockels – Lead Assistant

Edie discovered Waldorf education while exploring schooling options for her eldest son. She found Waldorf education to be full of insight and respect for each child. After years of volunteering in both the kindergarten and grades, she decided to become a Waldorf early childhood teacher.

Edie’s three sons are all alumni of Parzival Shield Waldorf Preschool Kindergarten and are currently enrolled at the Denver Waldorf School. As her children grow she is delighted to see them build upon the nurturing and care they received as young children in a Waldorf setting.

Prior to parenthood, Edie earned her B.A. in English from the University of Colorado at Denver and worked for the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross. She later became an accredited La Leche League Leader. She is currently enrolled at Rudolf Steiner College earning an Early Childhood Teaching Diploma.

Simen Brumback – Afternoon Assistant

Simen Brumback is a Waldorf school alumnus. She began attending school at Parzival Shield in the early nineties and graduated from the Denver Waldorf School in 2007. Simen spent some time working in the retail and service industries and then acquired a position at the Denver Waldorf School as a teaching assistant for a third grade class. It was then that she realized her passion was to work with young children.

In 2012, she was asked to join the Sunflower Hill Childcare team. Sunflower Hill is a Waldorf-inspired daycare and it’s director and owner, Kathy O’Connor, is a retired Waldorf kindergarten teacher. Under Kathy’s care and mentoring, she learned a great deal and decided to initiate her Waldorf Early Childhood teacher training through Sound Circle Center. She will gain her Waldorf Early Childhood certification in 2017. Simen looks forward to starting her new journey at Parzival Shield.

Lisa - Bio

Lisa Warrick-Glazier – Administrative Director

Lisa fell in love with Parzival Shield when her son attended kindergarten here in the late 90’s.  Her connection with Waldorf education continued to deepen while he attended the Denver Waldorf School through the 9th grade. She returned to Parzival Shield in 2008 with years of experience as an administrative organizer. She keeps all of our ducks in a row with grace and good humor. She is typically the first point of contact for families exploring our school and has a wealth of useful information.