October 2017 Newsletter

One little, two little, three little witches,
Flying over haystacks, flying over ditches,
Sliding down moon beams without any hitches,
Hey ho Halloween’s almost here!

Dear Parents,

With autumn in full swing, we are enjoying the crisp weather and the joys of the season.  At the end of September we celebrated the festival of Michaelmas with the making of  dragon bread and other treats. We tamed the dragon in our morning circle and played dragon-y games outside. We planted fall bulbs in our garden and the children brought a bulb home as well.
Lately we have been enjoying harvest time. The children have been grinding wheat for our harvest loaf and spiraling apples for cinnamon apple crisps and doing a little bit of butter making. Your child may have participated in one or all of these activities
depending on their days of attendance. We had a harvest feast and filled our tummies.  Our circle time is involving harvest themes and gratitude to Mother Earth for the gifts she gives.

Our recent stories have been Little Red Cap – a Grimm’s fairy tale, and Teryosha – a Russian folk tale. Our beeswax story is Why Leaves Change Colors – an Ojibwe story.  We have been practicing some simple sewing with the sewing on of buttons for our
owls’ eyes and beaks.  The children have been wonderfully participatory in our group times and we are learning many songs together. We really sing throughout the day as many of our routines are accompanied by a little song.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Littleton Historical Farm field trip. It ended up being such a beautiful day and we enjoyed visiting the animals and the farmhouses and the blacksmith. We will celebrate Halloween on Tuesday the 31st.  As mentioned, all children are invited to come but if your child does not normally attend on Tuesdays, their pick up time is
12:15 and they won’t need a lunch.

As listed on the school calendar, Friday, November 10 will be an in-service day and school will be closed. This is not something we would normally do, but the Christian Community from whom we rent our space is hosting a large three day weekend event
and so it was unavoidable. It is a very rare occurrence that their calendar clashes with ours but once in a while it happens.

We will have our annual Lantern Walk on Friday, November 17. This is for our whole community of children and parents and begins at 5:30 PM with a supper of soup and bread. I will send more details soon but for now you can hopefully save the date.

Thank you so much to all the snack shoppers and laundry do-ers and all of the other helpers!

Best wishes ~ the Parzival teachers