January 2018 Newsletter



Dear Parents ~
The children have enjoyed being back at school after the winter holidays. Hopefully a joyous time was had by all! It’s nice to get back to the rhythms of the day. By now we are quite comfortable with each other and we continue to practice how to work together and to share and to express our needs in a reasonable manner. That doesn’t mean things just go along rosily – we are quite comfortable tussling with each other and having heated debates, in between playing together and loving each other.
We started off the year by floating our New Year walnut boats. We lit the candles in the boats and watched quietly as they sailed to a particular treasure and fortune for each of us. During story time, we have heard the Russian tale of Baboushka and also The Old Woman and Her Pig. Our beeswax story has been The Story of Little Babaji. Our circle time has also been about Baboushka and her habit of sweeping and sweeping all day.
January has been chock-full of birthday celebrations! And while that has been fun, it will be nice to soon get back to our regularly scheduled program of painting and coloring and baking, etc.
Thank you so much for your participation in both the Holiday Table and the Annual Giving Campaign. We added about $230 to our fundraising with the Holiday Table and we are about a third of the way toward our $7,000 goal for the Annual Giving Campaign. It isn’t how much is given but the act of giving that matters and we greatly appreciate each and every contribution!
Lately we have been investing some fundraising income into some classroom upgrades. There is a new cherry wood play kitchen which is very nice and long overdue. The old one was much-loved but so worn out. We have new extra large building blocks for our daily architectural endeavors. A new water play setup for outdoors on days that weather permits. New play trucks for the classroom and a new trike and trailer for outside. A few more things are still on the way. It’s so great to be able to support the children’s work and play with appropriate materials.
Thank you to all the snack-shoppers and laundry-doers and toy-repairers and everything else! We so appreciate you!
As always, feel free to ask questions any time along the way.
Best Wishes ~
the Parzival teachers